Author: Vicky Beck

Preschool & Kindergarten

Navigating Divorce and Homework

Divorce is hard enough as it is, throwing homework on top of it adds a whole new layer to an already complicated situation. Depending on the severity of the situation there are so many things that can get put on the back burner when dealing with a stressful time like …

Successful tips for teens about money management

Today, teaching teens about money management is very important that help them to develop money management skills and financial habits throughout the life. In these days, most of the teens do not have enough knowledge about the personal finance. Even the kids or teens are not being taught these important …

Effective tips to know how to teach from failures

Everybody in the world should not get the success without facing the failures, because mistakes are something which makes you enriched in a better way. In fact, failure is needed for every person to get success in all their way. If a man does not face any failure in his …