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How to save money on baby formula


Every  baby formula is different and all babies are different — the amount your baby eats is also a big factor in figuring out how much you spend on formula!

Ready to learn how to save money on brand-name formula?

Buying baby formula in bulk is one of the best ways to save money!!!.

Take Advantage of the Free Samples From Your Doctor , everytime you’re at your doctor’s office,  always ask for the formula samples. Asking might make you feel a little weird , but think about it: you’re paying a co-pay, so giving you a can or two shouldn’t be a big deal.

Bottom line? Ask for your free samples!

Another super easy way to save some money is to sign up with your favorite brand to get discount checks , sometimes the doctor can and  will do this for you, but you sometimes need to do it yourself. Check your favorite brand’s website to view their rules and regulations. After signing up with you formula of choice, check your email once a month , you’ll usually receive coupons that range from $3 off to $5 off. Once you sign up with your favorite brand, they will usually mail you samples as free gifts. These are a one-time deal unfortunately, but most times your doctor will give you a coupon flyer with a special code for more free gifts.


The codes are often different than the coupon program you signed up for on the brand’s website; they might only be available from your doctor, hospital or pediatrician. When you call with your code, they will always ask for your email and sign you up for the free program. If you can, always use a different phone everytime you call with a different coupon code , companies can track the phone numbers! But usually, the representatives of the brand are usually very nice and since you have a valid free gift code, will send you a free sample even though they aren’t supposed to. Make sure the nurse registers your email for the multiple birth plan with your brand. Which ever formula you end up choosing, simply email the form and you get double the free coupons and samples, easy right!!!.

And of course the simplest way to save is the good ol’ fashioned coupon, learn to save and stack them, also take advantage of your local stores savings club, they usually will match the coupon at the register. A more recent avenue to save , is join a facebook garage sale page , a lot of moms on there will trade coupons and actual baby formula for the one they actually use, and some want to sell their items for a small price, but most times, the people just want them to see them go to someone who needs and wants them. But in the end it can simply come down to a good bargain, make sure you check and re check the local popular stores for the lowest sales , and finally be sure to keep an eye out for online sales it’s a lot of work but so worth it in the end!!