Preschool & Kindergarten

How to stop your baby from thumb sucking

Security blankets and thumbs are familiar features of childhood. These are called transitional objects and these objects play an essential development purpose. Kids rely on these things to change between the affection given by caregivers and parents. These are normal and natural part of development. Majority of the kids will outgrow these requirements on their own during the period between 2 and 5 years. Experts recommend parents to let this process happen naturally. There are also some ways parents can do to stop their babies sucking them or use blankets. Here are some ways parents can do at home.


  • An easy way is losing the blanket from the kid slowly. Parents can gradually reduce the size of the towel and make the kid feel protected when they are around.
  • Avoid setting a target on the process. They can have a strategy to apply it consistently and be prepared for changing the pace regarding how the child adapts. They have to keep in mind that deadlines can only give stress to this process and increase the need of child for transitional objects.
  • Another tip is giving the object a home or place to rest in. Parents can use a special basket or hook on wall for the transitional objects to rest in. This will be a place for these items to be when your kid does not use it.


  • A common mistake most of the parents do is threatening the kid not to use it. They should let the kid use the object when they need. The object should be in a place where the kid can get access to it. The growing confidence will slowly reduce the requirement of the object.
  • Set specific times the kid can use the item such as nap time, bedtime and ride to school. As the kid seems to detach, the use of the object will be reduced to bedtime.
  • Offering substitute is another way to avoid kids sucking their thumbs. This technique may work for some kids who have started to detach.


Parents can also talk with their kid’s tutors to help with this process. If your kid attends daycare or school, you can ask your kid’s tutor to allot a place for the transitional object. Most of the kindergartens and preschools have experience with these objects and supports kids and parents. Another way to raise your kid is enlisting the natural empathy and creativity of your kid. You can give a story to the object and reason to avoid it. Maybe the blanket is required to help in keeping the doll of kid warm. This can help kid to feel good about the separation. It is very essential for parents to know that the attachment of child with an object is valid, real and beneficial. The approach they take to separate the kid from the object mist be gradual and measured. Abrupt removal of transitional objects or reducing access too much can make this process much longer than you think.