Preschool & Kindergarten

Navigating Divorce and Homework


image2_siteDivorce is hard enough as it is, throwing homework on top of it adds a whole new layer to an already complicated situation. Depending on the severity of the situation there are so many things that can get put on the back burner when dealing with a stressful time like this can be. Make sure you try and stay calm when dealing with your divorce especially when you’re around your kids. Emotions can run high so it’s important to make time to talk with your kids and explain what you can to them, in an age appropriate manner. If your children see you upset they may become upset too. When a divorce happens in a marriage and there are kids involved it’s good to try some counselling so there isn’t any extra stress overflowing from you to your children. There are so many changes that may happen so do your best to keep your kids in the same school and near the same close friends if possible. Changing their surroundings and moving away from their friends may make other areas of their lives suffer. It will take a lot of work in some circumstances but it’s possible to be divorced and still work with your ex when it comes to the children.


Many successful divorced couples have a system in place to ensure that despite these obstacles, their child gets the academic attention he or she needs. First off communication is everything. Many parents have found that creating a communication checklist is a great tool for keeping organised and successful. That way it stays to the point of your child’s academics and if there are any issues of being around each other for too long there is no chance of argument near your child. Make a list of everything a child needs to take with him or her for homework when switching from one house to another. Also list any homework or other projects the student has for the week, especially big tests to study for. The other parent can look it over and update the list before sending the child back. Be sure that all the necessary books, papers, and writing or drawing utensils are gathered together to send back and forth for school work.

image4_siteLastly, it’s important to unify when it comes to being involved in your child’s school life. Make sure you are both going to parent teacher conferences either together or in separate meetings, stay involved so you don’t miss out on anything about your child’s education just in case something isn’t communicated. Be aware of your child’s demeanor and check in with them to let them know that you both love and care about them even though you’re not with the other parent, and your there to help with anything they have an issue with.  Make sure your child knows what is expected of them concerning homework and grades regardless of which home they are in. Once you have a system in place of clear expectations and strong communication your child can thrive academically in this new environment.