Say yes to your kids and guide them affectionately

Normally the kids in every home will be very active and mischievous. It is the nature of them but the parents will move violently when the kids are testing their patience. The parents think that there is no other way to control them in the proper manner. Mostly the kids will be adamant in playing and asking some stuff. If they get attracted to something, they will force their parents to buy it. But the parents will not say yes to all the things that the children are asking. Obviously this will be the reply of all the parents when their kids are compelling them in something.


Whenever the parents say no to the kid’s expectation, they will feel sad and even cry.  This is one of the common things that every child will do. Also it is way of making their parents to approve for the things they have asked. In such situations some parents will convince themselves and favor the children. But some of them will not do it since it will become a regular practice of the child. This is a right thing that parents are doing. But saying no at all the time will not be good and also it is not necessary.

Restricting the children from everything will not make any sense and there is no use at all. The parents have to understand that the children will behave like that and it is their nature. But it does not mean that they should not stop them at any case. Obviously they have to control in the things which can hurt them or give them a bad habit. For instance, if they are about to play with some unsafe things, the parents must stop them. They have to advice the children about the dangerous consequences in that particular thing. But it should not be in the violent manner.


Many experts are saying that allowing children in various things will not lead them in a bad way. This is the most important concern that every parent will have. They will be worried if they allow their children to do everything, they will go in a wrong way. Though it may seem to be true, the parents should advice the kids in the way which they can understand. By doing that, the kids will not do that thing and they will obey their parents. Some of the parents will always restrict their kids in everything. Even there are no issues in doing a particular thing, they will allow the kids.


It will make the children to think that the parents are not affectionate with them and also they will feel that they always irritate them. Also it will not build the proper relationship between the parents and kids. Therefore it is advised that parents should be friendly with their children and they have to control them in the positive manner which will not hurt the emotions of the kids. The parents should guide their children by showing them more affection instead of showing violence.