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Stay at Home Parent to Career Person

image1_siteEvery day someone is starting a family. There are many paths in parenting. Some choose to find childcare, some choose to take turns working, and if their finances allow, some choose to stay home. If you put your career on hold to stay home and raise a family, trying to break back into your field can be a daunting task, but many people do it. It’s not impossible and you may need a little guidance but if you put some work into it, it will eventually pay off. Some people stay home for a year and some stay home for many years, you will all need to consider some of these tips and updating your education may or may not be needed but can’t hurt to look into. There are a few things to consider as you transition back into the work force.

image2_siteFirst, if your finances allow it, think about staring with part-time work. These positions offer the most flexible options for scheduling and may allow you to make the transition back into the workplace a little smoother for your family. Part-time work will also allow you to re-sharpen your skills after your time spent away, so you’ll be prepared when a full-time position becomes available. Getting back into the work force now that you have a family can be difficult, make sure you have childcare arrangements and back up childcare. If you need image3_siteto work full-time, look for companies that allow flexible hours or offer work from home opportunities. Once you’ve decided what kind of work you’ll be looking for, tap into your networks. Talk to old co-workers, friends from college, anyone that can help guide your search or serve as a reference for perspective employers. In this day and age there are also online networks for job searching and connecting with employers who might be looking for someone that fits your description, so make sure you have a clear description of your skills and abilities on your profile.image4_site

If you’ve made a clear decision on what you want to do, then take a look into a hidden job market. Be sure you have a fresh resume then look up some companies you might be interested in working for. Next, try and contact the hiring department or anyone that may have the power to get you an interview. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to sell yourself as an ideal employee or colleague is a necessity, so work on your pitch before the interview. Finally, it’s important that you work to sharpen your skills as you prepare to reenter your chosen career. Research the latest developments in your field; consider taking a class and going for the updating of education or doing some consulting to get your feet wet and start building new connections. Don’t forget that while you may have taken some time off from your career, you have not taken time off from work. Raising a family is challenging and there are plenty of skills you picked up that you can bring back into the work place with you. With a little preparation you’ll be ready to jump back into the work force better than ever.